Cayenne Pepper for IBS and Indigestion

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  1. The Typist says:

    I? love cayenne pepper enemas.

  2. cookletsdothis says:

    I drink cayenne pepper tea (with a little lemon for flavor) almost? every day, and it is good for reflux/indigestion. It is said to also be very good for circulation.

  3. deskjockie49 says:

    Dr. John R. Christopher, Master Herbalist, recommended cayenne pepper over? 30 years ago. It was one of his favorite herbs. At one of his lectures, I noticed a glass of tomato juice on the podium from which he would occasionally take a sip. When I went up during intermission to speak to him, I discovered it was not tomato juice, but cayenne pepper in water! He had the clearest eyes I’ve ever seen. He told many stories of the benefits of cayenne pepper.

  4. Juan Gomez says:

    JalapeƱos & beans? :-)

  5. Michael Lovin says:

    I really like your videos I just saw another video where you kinda bash eating of meat, talking about how cooked foods are bad for you. Yet here you are telling us the same thing I said in my comment…The answer is not to avoid meat…it is to cook your food. and? …doc! …what is this about a dildo test for IBS patients…come on man….FOCUS.
    By the way…hot pepper can stop a heart attack..a spoonful will keep you going….look at your red face, now that is real instant blood flow.

  6. chiyerano says:

    Good to know as I? consume cayenne pepper regularly.

  7. damonstoudamiree says:

    Bel video!?

  8. orbitalsatellite says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH? for caring enough to share this invaluable information.

  9. Musik Fiend says:

    I used to take meds for GIRD until I? became a oil-free vegan. Now I have NO symptoms and I eat VERY spicy food including lots of cayenne. No more heart burn, reflux or any gastric pain.

  10. Iulian RO says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if doctors actually tried? to heal people instead of desensitizing areas of the body? :) like diet changes / supplements, etc? :)

  11. WellingtonBikeCam01 says:

    Any connection between? this research, and the traditional popularity of spicy foods in places like India and Mexico?

  12. Sameer Khandelwal says:

    Good point. I suspect Science has frequent aha-moments, when it realizes that nature has already perfected cures over? millions of years of evolution. The perverse incentive of our times is that a treatment has to be patentable, which leads to futile research into synthetic and bio-equivalent similars of natural products. Quelle irony!

  13. Ginger C says:

    Old time herb docs like Dr. Christopher used cayenne pepper? for digestive issues decades ago. Glad to know science now recognizes this valuable treatment.

  14. ayinwisdom says:

    First of all, thank you for your work, the videos? are really informative and overall stunning. I was wondering if there have been done studies on blood type specific diets and if so, if you could cover them for us. Bless you.

  15. trollsneedhugs says:

    Can you make a video? about lectins please?

  16. roheEnergie says:

    Thank you.? :-)

  17. Christinne Blacker says:

    I had IBS? pain before going vegan, now it’s pretty much non-existent. Unless I drink coffee.

  18. pwwka999 says:

    yes indeed fermented foods/probiotics is excellent for ibs and digestive issues. also they are great for the immune system plus they make you feel good when you eat them-? thats the bodys way of telling us its really appreciated and more is welcome

  19. pwwka999 says:

    is black pepper really? ‘bad’ for you?

  20. sdushdiu says:

    Yeah, examine labels? and don’t eat them.

  21. sdushdiu says:

    Given the title of the Segment is? “Cayenne Pepper for IBS and Indigestion”……

  22. Tyrone Bush says:

    Thank? you.

  23. Jason Kvestad says:

    what are you doing? commenting, nocommentchick. Great question though :)

  24. Jason Kvestad says:

    I think it was cayenne, in the recent video it was mentioning capsicum a lot which triggers the intense reaction? by the body and the general therapeutic results.

  25. Schpankme Verimuch says:

    “Cayenne? Pepper for IBS and Indigestion”